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Hide: Untethered by Jax Spenser (REVIEW)

I won an ebook copy of the first part in the Hide series via this website, and here is my review. :)


Title: Hide: Untethered

Author: Jax Spenser

Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (26/08/14)

Summary: "When Keegan finally gets away from his brutal mother on his sixteenth birthday, things go from bad to strange as his father picks up a hitchhiker in the desert during their escape. The strangeness of the day gets scary as Keegan notices the hitchhiker’s odd behavior. But with Keegan’s failing memory and bizarre dreams of a red wind, he can’t be sure about what his father’s gotten them in to as they make their way to the creepy Arizona town of Sedonia Falls This is the first episode in a five-part serial."




Cover art: I really like the cover art, it draws your eye, it's colourful and mysterious. A lot like the characters in the story. You can see the cover art on the author's site here


Characters: I am fascinated by the characters in this story so far. I find Keegan to be a great main character. He's been through a lot in his life and when it seems like he might finally get a fresh start, weird things start to happen. He's strong, smart, and I have a lot of sympathy for this character. As for his father, Billy, I think he's a loyal person from what I've read so far. He's not made the best choices in his life, and he really wants to make it up to Keegan. Keegan's mother seems to be a very complicated person, in that she has such drastic personality changes, and manages to hurt her son in emotional and physical ways. I find the supporting characters very odd, in a good way- the way they all refer to each other by full names at all times is almost unsettling. John Bruce, the hitch hiker that Keegan and Billy pick up during the first part of the story, is a mysterious person. He seems to be cold and distant, almost robotic. I'd like to learn more about him and the other characters in the next parts of this series. 

Plot: Overall the story focuses on the slightly strained relationship between Keegan and his father, Billy. Keegan blames his father for not rescuing him from his abusive mother sooner, and Billy wants to find a fresh start for both of them. While driving through the desert, they pick up a hitch hiker- John Bruce, who insists on being called by his full name at all times, as well as referring to Keegan and his father by their full names. He displays very odd behaviour during the car ride, appearing aloof most of the time, and creepy the rest. Eventually they end up in a place called "Sedonia Falls" and Keegan passes out when they arrive, later waking in what seems to be a brand new hospital. He meets several people who also display the unusual trait of using full names, and getting annoyed when Keegan insists they just call him Keegan. Three weeks later Keegan wakes up to find himself in a new house, everything perfect, clean and new. He is greeted by Doris Thomas and her daughter Sandra, they tell him how long he was in the hospital, and that his father has gotten a job driving the local school bus. They give him a sandwich, because weirdly there is no food in the brand new kitchen, and leave. Keegan's father returns and explains that this is the fresh start they both need, and Keegan starts to accept that things are changing, and begins to contemplate the future of the relationship with his father and what Sedonia Falls has in store for them.

Other comments: I really enjoyed this ebook overall, I love sci-fi, I love mystery, and this seems like the start of a really exciting series. My only criticism really is that it's so short. I felt like it was almost rushed because a lot seemed to happen in a small amount of pages, and I was left with lots of questions by the end, so I'm really glad this is a series and not a one-off. I can't wait to read the next episode in the series!

Score: 4.5/5


This is my first proper book review, so I hope you enjoyed it. Bye!